Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2 weeks in

It has now been a whole two weeks (+1 day). I've still managed to do a duplication every day. I feel so proud of myself, and then I remember that I have to do this x26! I've definitely backed off on the times for the more recent ones, as teaching just started back up - and that one class I'm taking, you know, for fun.

I've noticed that my mind is all over the place while I'm doing these, but it shouldn't be. Duplications should be meditative. Of course, any of you who have meditated before knows that your mind can wander like mad if you don't keep it in check. I'm trying to rein that in a little by breathing mindfully, allowing thoughts to pass and trying to focus on the angles of the lines, the feel of the lead against the paper and the idea that even though I'm drawing in a different spot it should be like I'm actually touching my original lines.

Hopefully this will become more natural as I get back in the swing of these things!

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